Nichard Rixon
has no artistic ability.

Hi. I'm rixon. I'm just this hacker. No, I don't break into computer systems, install viruses, or steal your identity. I just investigate the world and its contents to understand how it all ticks.

Here's my closet of clutter on the information superhighway (remember that buzzword?) Right away, here's an index of the crap I have here. If that's not good enough, you can get ahold of me on gmail (rixoff), or on twitter (@rixon). I'm just about everywhere, either as rixon, or rixoff if some yahoo got to the good username before I could.



A directory with some miscellaneous shit, like pinouts.

DTV Converter Boxes

Stuff for sale!

Syncrowave 180 SD fix

Tips on getting ZeroShell up and running

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Video Streams

Volvo stuff

Heading 1.

Everything from here on down is just me playing with CSS.

Heading 2.

Seriously, playing with CSS.

Heading 3.

Why are you still reading?

Heading 4.

Are you really that bored?
Heading 5.
Well, I can relate, I suppose. Insomnia. Feh.
Heading 6.
That ought to be tiny!

This is a code example:

Fake code goes here.
So what do you think of that?


It is clear that I should learn to use this shit and stop making play pages. I think I'll pick up HTML and CSS pretty quick, (rather, RELEARN this shit,) but that look and feel is going to be the hard part. I'm not artsy. It takes an artsy-fartsy to make a nice page layout.

This is emphasis and this is bold. This is emphasis.bold, and this is bold.uppercase. What do you think of that?